About The Stevens Laser Bra Los Angeles

Millions of American women have turned to breast lift surgery to resolve drooping breasts that are caused by weight loss, aging, and childbearing. With Laser Bra breast lift and breast reduction surgery, Dr. Grant Stevens wanted to create a beautiful, more effective, longer lasting lift of the breast that he could incorporate into breast enhancement procedures including breast reduction, breast enlargement, and traditional breast lift in Southern California.

After observing the incredible way that lasers could firm and tighten sagging skin during facelift surgery, Dr. Stevens believed that lasers could do the same for breasts. “Loose, wrinkled skin on the face responds with excellent tightening when we use laser along with facelift surgery,” explained Dr. Stevens. “It makes the face look very natural, yet more sculpted than with surgery alone.” He discovered that the same holds true for breast tissue. Using this principle, he developed The Stevens Laser Bra, which is essentially an internal support structure for the breast tissue.

About the Procedure

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As Dr. Stevens explains, “The whole point of The Stevens Laser Bra is to create a beautiful, longer-lasting and more permanent lift of the breasts to enhance breast lift and breast reduction surgeries.”

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