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Breast reduction goes far beyond being simply a cosmetic surgery procedure. In fact, the women who choose our breast reduction specialists are looking for relief from physical discomfort and greater freedom to enjoy a wide range of activities. After traditional breast reduction surgery, a smaller breast size by itself will slow the effects of gravity on your breasts, but you can enjoy additional protection from future sagging through Laser Bra breast reduction.

The Stevens Laser Bra is the preferred choice of so many women who choose breast reduction in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and beyond. Many women find that the Laser Bra technique is the ideal solution for added breast support without any compromise to the overall look or feel of the breasts. Developed by Dr. Grant Stevens at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, the Laser Bra is a technique creates a more elegant and proportional breast shape while also giving the breasts a lasting breast lift that battles against the effects of gravity.

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Laser Bra Breast Reduction

Aesthetic laser technology can make a patient’s skin tighter and stronger. Dr. Stevens used this fact to integrate lasers into cosmetic breast surgery, extending the duration of surgical results and creating more satisfied patients. By using a CO2 laser to prepare breast tissue that is normally removed entirely during surgery, the Laser Bra surgeon can keep the breasts lifted in a natural, beautiful position.

The specially-prepared tissue creates a strong link and support system inside the breasts. After being treated with the laser, it is sutured internally to the patient’s chest wall, creating the Laser Bra. This tight tissue creates a beautiful breast shape while adding internal support. The Laser Bra itself is completely invisible and cannot even be felt.

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Because it uses the patient’s own tissue, the Laser Bra is a natural way to create lasting breast enhancement. The internal flap of skin will not be rejected by the body and no additional healing time is needed when compared with traditional Los Angeles and Beverly Hills breast reduction surgery. In fact, some women may heal more quickly because the laser minimizes bleeding and swelling.

Women who have had the Laser Bra breast reduction at our practice are very happy with their results and many have said that the procedure has significantly improved their quality of life. In addition to greater physical comfort, they also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their results can last for many years.

To find out more about your breast reduction surgery options, visit Los Angeles Breast Reduction, another specialty website from the doctors at Marina Plastic Surgery.

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