Laser Bra Benefits Los Angeles

Women come from across the county to enjoy the benefits of Laser Bra breast surgery. The Laser Bra is not some sort of gimmick or marketing trick – it is a tested and trusted surgical innovation that has helped hundreds of women enjoy a more beautiful breast contour. Here are some of the most common reasons women come to us considering The Stevens Laser Bra:

A More Beautiful Breast Contour

Through the use of Laser Bra breast surgery, our surgeons can create a more attractive breast shape that looks youthful and proportional. The Laser Bra itself cannot be seen or felt, but the result it has on the beauty of the breasts can be very noticeable. So many of our patients who choose The Stevens Laser Bra comment that they never thought their breasts could look so good.

A Lasting Improvement

One of the greatest attributes of the Laser Bra is the greater longevity and lift for breast enhancement surgeries including breast reduction and breast lift. With The Stevens Laser Bra, the skin otherwise discarded is treated in such a way with the laser that an internal, natural bra is fashioned and secured to the chest wall. This ‘bra’ holds the breast tissue up and in place.

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A Lift of Your Own

The Stevens Laser Bra is fashioned entirely from a patient’s own tissue, unlike a previously hyped “mesh bra” which is actually made of plastic and foreign material. The Stevens Laser Bra cannot be felt by the patient. Numerous patients have reported problems with the mesh bra because it poked through the skin and is palpable.

A Track Record of Safety

For those women who have been concerned about achieving a natural appearance of the breast or the longevity of their postoperative results, The Stevens Laser Bra affords a natural, safe and long lasting approach to breast surgery. A study of laser-assisted breast reduction published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal found no major complications in 367 patients who had the Laser Bra procedure from 1995 through 2004. In addition, complication rates were consistent with those reported for the traditional breast reduction procedure.

A Quicker and More Comfortable Procedure

Laser Bra breast lift or breast reduction procedures generally take about two hours of surgical time, and the use of lasers can save 30-40 minutes compared to traditional techniques. Swelling and discomfort following surgery are minimal, and the use of the laser may actually decrease the amount of swelling and bruising by reducing blood loss and helping to sterilize interior portions of the breast.

A Nipple-Preserving Technique

With Laser Bra breast reduction surgery, the blood supply to the nipple and areola is maintained, meaning that the surgeon does not need to perform a free nipple graft. In general, this enables patients to maintain nipple sensation as well as the ability to breast feed.

Learn More

To learn more about The Stevens Laser Bra, you can receive a free consultation when you request your appointment online and schedule your visit during one of the select times our surgeons have set aside exclusively for Web visitors. For detailed information about breast enhancement surgery, we invite you to continue your research by reading the eBook prepared by our practice.