Taking Time for Ana

Since large breasts run in Ana’s family, she didn’t give her breast size a second thought for most of her life. It wasn’t until about 4 or 5 years ago when the size and weight of Ana’s breasts began causing constant shoulder, neck, and back pain, that she began thinking about plastic surgery for herself. An avid salsa dancer, Ana always enjoyed the rapid shoulder movements and dramatic dips that are an integral part of this exciting dance style. Seeing her breasts bouncing while she danced made her uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally.

But, as a woman who regularly worked 10 to 11-hour days and rarely took time out for herself, at age 43 Ana always seemed to think of a reason to wait. “It’s optional, you know,” she said. “Plastic surgery is not like gall bladder surgery where you have to have it done.” During a routine mammogram appointment, the technician said something that made Ana really stop and think. The tech told Ana that she herself had thought about breast reduction for a long time before finally having it done. “I couldn’t believe it took me 5 years to do it. It completely changed my life,” she told Ana. Ana realized that she was at a place in life where it was time to take some time out for herself.

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A Supportive Solution

Ana mentioned the idea of breast reduction surgery to her husband of 16 years, and he told her he’d support whatever choice she made about her body. Because Ana knew of Dr. Grant Stevens’ excellent reputation through her work in the medical field, her husband suggested she consider him if she went forward with the surgery. After more thought, Ana was ready to take the next step. She contacted Marina Plastic Surgery to schedule a Los Angeles breast reduction consultation with Dr. Stevens.

At her consult, Ana described her concerns and listened to Dr. Stevens’ recommendations. He told her that breast reduction surgery would effectively relieve the burden on her shoulders, neck, and back. He also recommended an innovative surgical technique he developed called the Stevens Laser Bra, a lasting internal support for the breasts made with extra tissue that is normally discarded after breast reduction surgery. The many years of listening to his happy patients gave Ana the confidence to fully trust Dr. Stevens’ recommendations. She decided to go ahead with the surgery.

Ana’s procedure went smoothly and her recovery went equally as well. “I had no pain. Really,” she explained. She took the prescription pain medication for several days, and felt no pain when she stopped taking it. She did require the assistance of her husband and a close girlfriend initially to perform tasks that required her to raise her arms and shoulders, like washing her hair and reaching up to high shelves.

New Freedom, New Outlook

Eight months after her Los Angeles breast reduction, Ana was anticipating a trip to visit family in Nicaragua. “I can’t wait to wear my new swimsuit,” she giggled. “It’s the first time I’ve bought one since the surgery.” She feels great being able to wear clothes that fit her properly, instead of having to buy bigger sizes to accommodate large breasts. “I wear fitted clothes to the gym now, and feel comfortable dressing more casually on the weekends,” she glowed. She’s enjoying salsa dancing now more than ever because she can move easier and express herself more freely.

Ana’s advice to other women considering breast reduction is, “When you’re ready, you just know it. If you have doubts, wait until the time is right for you.”

If you’re interested in learning more about breast reduction, the Laser Bra, or any of our cosmetic surgery procedures, request a consultation online with Marina Plastic Surgery.