Stephanie's Success Story

Although Stephanie had always had large breasts, it wasn’t until she lost her first child during the 8th month of pregnancy that their size became unmanageable. “Before I lost the baby, I could cope with my large breasts by wearing 2 bras when I went running and worked out,” she explained. “But I believe that because I never was able to nurse the baby, my breasts grew larger and stayed that way.” Eleven years and three children later, at age 43, Stephanie was determined to find a solution to the neck and shoulder pain that made her life and profession as a cook difficult.

Knowledge is Power

Stephanie learned about Dr. Grant Stevens and Marina Plastic Surgery Associates from a few of her friends who had undergone cosmetic surgery. For two months, Stephanie did research on the Internet carefully reading about breast reduction and breast lift surgery. The Stevens Laser Bra impressed her because it used the patient’s own tissue to internally support the breasts. “I liked the idea that my own tissue would be used, not something foreign.”

When she met with Dr. Stevens, Stephanie expressed her concern about scars. She appreciated his candid and honest answer, “If you’re worried about scars, surgery is not for you.” He then went on to explore her reasons for considering breast surgery and she described the pain she had endured for over a decade. Dr. Stevens assured Stephanie that breast reduction and the Laser Bra lift would definitely make her life more comfortable. She was impressed by how he was truly interested in resolving her neck, shoulder, and back pain and reducing her frequent headaches. She was convinced that the surgery was the right thing for her to do.

Dr. Stevens performed laser assisted breast reduction and the Laser Bra lift, decreasing Stephanie’s breasts from a DD to a C cup. She is extremely happy with the difference in how she feels and how she looks.

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Easy Recovery

Stephanie said that Beverly Hills breast reduction was so impressive because she experienced no pain and no swelling afterwards. This technique minimizes bleeding and surgical time for quicker recovery. She made sure to follow the recommended pain management protocol, taking prescription pain medication for the first 5 days after surgery. Even when she switched to acetaminophen, she was still comfortable. “It was truly amazing,” she declares. “One week after my surgery, I was up and doing laundry.”

By strictly following the doctor’s instructions her scarring turned out to be minimal. “I did what he told me during my recovery. I avoided heavy lifting and used the recommended scar cream. And the scars are fading every day.”

Stephanie chose not to tell others about her reduction surgery, but still people notice. “They usually ask me if I’ve lost weight,” she explains. “I think the difference they notice is that I no longer walk around with my shoulders slumped and a painful, unhappy look on my face. I’m smiling all of the time now, with my face up and my shoulders back proudly.”

Many patients enjoy sharing advice with other women and Stephanie’s is this, “Do your research. After taking the time to read about my options, I felt comfortable doing something about my pain.” Less than 3 months after her procedure Stephanie sums up her experience with 3 simple words,” I feel fantastic.”

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