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Laser Bra: A Key Component in Beverly Hills Breast Reduction

For decades, breast reduction surgeries have been performed across the country using surgical techniques that have not changed much or kept up with today’s technological innovations. But a Southern California plastic surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens, hopes to change all that and has recently introduced “The Beverly Hills Breast Reduction”…
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“Firm Support With A Laser”

As breast surgery is so popular, it is not surprising that accompanying procedures have been developed to improve results or make them last longer. The whole point of the Stevens Laser Bra is to create a longer lasting and more permanent lift of the breast when performing a reduction, augmentation mastopexy, or standard breast lift…
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“Uplifting Experience”

Breast reduction and breast lifting surgery is growing in popularity. Many women with large breasts suffer from back and neck pain and indentations in the shoulder from bra straps. Dr. Stevens has developed a method that helps women with these problems and doesn’t create the new problems that usually come from a traditional breast reduction…
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“The Stevens Laser Bra”

An internal bra created with the patient’s own tissue is giving long lasting results to mastopexy (breast lift), breast reduction/lift and breast augmentation/lift surgery. A CO2 laser is used to de-epithelialize the patient’s own skin and create an internal bra which is then attached to the chest wall, holding up the breast tissue…
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