Laser Bra: A Key Component in Beverly Hills Breast Reduction

For decades, breast reduction surgeries have been performed across the country using surgical techniques that have not changed much or kept up with today’s technological innovations. But a Southern California plastic surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens, hopes to change all that and has recently introduced “The Beverly Hills Breast Reduction,” which combines two laser surgery techniques to improve upon the results achieved using traditional breast reduction surgery.

The Beverly Hills Breast Reduction is a significant innovation for women living with uncomfortably large breasts. Often, women who have large breasts face shoulder and neck pain which makes exercising and even some daily activities difficult and uncomfortable. Plus, many of these women feel self conscious about their breasts, which can get in the way and attract unwelcome attention.

Most of Dr. Stevens’ Beverly Hills Breast Reduction patients tell him after surgery that their large breasts affected almost every aspect of their daily life, often in negative ways they never even realized.

More about Beverly Hills Breast Reduction

Women throughout Southern California considering breast reduction surgery should take the time to consider The Beverly Hills Breast Reduction. Dr. Stevens created this procedure to provide his patients both immediate aesthetic benefits and long-lasting breast resizing and reshaping. He has shared the results of this procedure with a series of before & after photos, available from the Marina Plastic Surgery Web site.

Dr. Stevens performs this procedure by combining two laser-assisted surgical methods. First, laser-assisted breast augmentation is used to remove excess fat and other tissue in the lower portion of the breast. Then, during surgery, a “Laser Bra” is created using the patient’s own natural breast tissue. This internal brassiere helps patients retain their beautiful results for many years.

Breast Reduction Innovations

Dr. Stevens is widely recognized as an innovator in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. The surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates are able to give their patients a more attractive breast appearance and more comfortable breast feel by combining laser surgery techniques.

  • The Laser Bra
    The Stevens Laser Bra was developed as a surgical option to prolong the results of breast surgery. At Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, it is often used as a part of breast reduction surgery, but also can be teamed with breast lift and breast augmentation. An internal brassiere made from excess skin that traditionally was removed during surgery, the Laser Bra got its name from the laser technique used to prepare the skin for placement inside the breast. Once Dr. Stevens prepares this skin properly, they then attach the Laser Bra to the chest wall to support the breasts, holding them in place to protect the youthful shape and position achieved through surgery.
  • Laser-Assisted Breast Reduction
    Laser technology allows the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to complete breast reductions in less time than using traditional methods alone. Completing surgery more quickly helps to increase surgical safety, since the patient requires less anesthesia. In addition, lasers minimize bleeding to make recovery more comfortable, enhance results, and minimize the risk of complications. Dr. Stevens encourages women considering their surgical options to learn more about Southern California breast reduction by visiting a specialty Web site devoted to breast reduction topics.

Women looking for a breast reduction surgeon near Beverly Hills, California, often turn to the practice of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, just a stone’s throw from the glamour capital of California in Marina Del Rey and Beverly Hills. By using innovative approaches and the latest laser technology, Dr. Stevens has helped improve the lives of their Southern California breast reduction patients.

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