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There are so many things you need to consider when thinking about breast surgery – both the big picture and the smallest details. To help you learn as much as possible before you come in to talk with one of our surgeons, here is a list of common questions asked by women considering the Laser Bra breast reduction or breast lift in Southern California.

If you have a question that’s not answered here, please contact us online and we’ll be happy to help you.

What is the recovery period?

Each patient’s breast lift recovery and results will be unique, but we have found that most women return to work in approximately one week. When larger breast reductions are performed along with the Laser Bra, some women will take up to one and one half weeks or even two weeks off from work. Even though a woman has returned to work, she has not completely healed. Most women resume their normal activities by three weeks. Heavy physical exercise involving impact or chest wall trauma is usually postponed for six weeks.

Does the nipple get removed and replaced?

No, the nipple is not removed. The nipple stays attached to the breast during both breast lift and breast reduction surgery. We avoid a free nipple graft because the nipple can lose sensation and the woman loses the ability to breast feed. With the Laser Bra and laser-assisted breast reduction surgery, the nipple is not removed and a free nipple graft is not necessary.

How do I know if I am a candidate for the Laser Bra?

The best way to know is to request a free consultation online and schedule your visit during one of the select times our surgeons have set aside exclusively for Web visitors. If you live out of the area and would like our surgeons to review your case, please forward a letter including your history and goals. Also include a frontal and lateral photograph of your chest area. We prefer that no face be included in the photograph. One of our surgeons will review your history and photographs and contact you regarding his or her suggestions.

Who else does this surgery in my area?

Dr. Stevens has taught many surgeons, both in the U.S. and abroad, the technique of laser-assisted breast reduction as well as The Stevens Laser Bra. Find a Laser Bra surgeon near you or contact Marina Plastic Surgery for information about surgeons in your area who may be performing this procedure.

Are the scars visible?

All incisions heal with a scar. Some scars are more visible than others. The incisions with the Laser Bra are the same as with traditional breast lifts without the Laser Bra and breast reductions without laser-assisted breast reduction surgery.

I am interested in a breast reduction. How do I choose my size?

Your doctor will meet with you and discuss your goals and the size you wish to become. In most cases, a woman can “pick” the size she wishes. There are infrequent occasions when the physical examination of the patient reveals limitations to the size she can become. To help our patients who seek breast reduction in Beverly Hills and Southern California, we’ve developed a website entirely devoted to the procedure, which includes a photo gallery and patient stories.

Do laser breast reductions cost more than regular breast reductions?

Laser breast reductions do not cost any more than standard breast reductions. Many times the laser-assisted breast reduction surgery takes less time and thus requires less exposure to anesthesia. In either case, the procedure cost, anesthesia fee, and operating room fees are the same with laser breast reduction or standard breast reduction surgery.

Can I nurse afterwards?

With laser-assisted breast reduction, as well as The Stevens Laser Bra, there is no need to do a free nipple graft. Because the nipple is not detached from the breast, most people are able to breast feed following surgery.

Will I need to repeat this surgery in time?

Most people have this surgery only once. If you gain or lose excessive amounts of weight, it is possible that you would wish to have an additional breast lift or breast reduction.

Is breast reduction paid for by insurance?

Yes, most insurance companies will pay for breast reduction surgery. There are no additional fees for laser-assisted breast reduction and most insurance companies will cover this surgery. Insurance companies generally do not cover the costs for breast lift surgery without reduction.

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Is the cost increased to have a breast lift at the same time as a laser breast reduction?

No, in all cases a breast lift is performed utilizing The Stevens Laser Bra at the same time as a laser-assisted breast reduction. There are no additional costs for breast lift surgery at the same time as reducing the breasts.

Where is the surgery performed?

This surgery is performed in the Marina Outpatient Surgery Center located in Marina Del Rey, California.

How long will I need to stay in town?

Most of our out-of-town patients stay with us for one week.

How much does it cost?

The fees for surgery depend on what type of surgery is performed. The Laser Bra is used for breast lift surgery, breast lift surgery and augmentation, and breast reduction with breast lift surgery. Each of these procedures has a different fee. Please contact our office for information on the fees.

I do not have anyone who can come with me. Can I come alone?

Yes, many women fly in from out of state and even out of the country. Many of these women come alone and do very well. When a patient is alone, we generally ask that she stay in the overnight care facility for three days prior to returning back to her hotel. We see her every other day until she leaves.

Can I go home the night of breast surgery or do I need to stay in a hospital?

All of our patients stay the first night in an overnight care facility which is located close to the Marina Outpatient Surgery Center. This facility is not a hospital but does provide a comfortable, safe environment for the first evening after breast surgery.

How long have the surgeons performed this procedure?

Dr. Stevens first began performing The Stevens Laser Bra and laser-assisted breast reduction in 1996. Since then, he has performed many of these procedures.

Will I lose sensation?

Because the nipple is not detached and a free nipple graft is not necessary, most women will preserve their nipple sensation. Occasionally there is a loss of nipple sensation but this is very infrequent.

Does insurance cover the cost of a Laser Bra?

Oftentimes insurance companies cover the costs for breast reduction surgery. They do not cover the cost for breast augmentation or simple breast lift surgery. Your doctor will write a letter to your insurance carrier and provide them with photographs of your breasts. If you have symptoms such as back pain and neck pain from your large breasts, then your insurance company will frequently cover the costs for breast reduction surgery.

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