Laser Breast Surgery Overview Los Angeles

The surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates have performed hundreds of Laser Bra surgeries. They and their patients remain incredibly impressed with the longevity of the postoperative results and the “perkiness” of the breasts following Los Angeles / Beverly Hills breast reduction or breast lift procedures using this technique.

If you are concerned about achieving a natural breast appearance or the longevity of your postoperative results, The Stevens Laser Bra affords a natural, safe, and long-lasting approach to breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift surgery in Southern California. The concept of The Stevens Laser Bra is a seemingly obvious one. What woman would not want an internal bra to lift her breasts naturally and safely?

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The Stevens Laser Bra Innovations

Dr. Grant Stevens developed The Stevens Laser-assisted Internal Fabrication Technique (LIFT), which utilizes The Stevens Laser Bra. With the patient in the upright position, the new position of the nipple is marked. Then, once the patient is under general anesthetic, incisions are made horizontally and vertically, adhering to the natural contours of the breast. The laser is then used to preserve the flap of breast tissue that supports the nipple. The entire breast, along with the nipple, is lifted. Excess fat, tissue and skin are removed from each side of the breast. Once the breast is repositioned, the incisions are closed with dissolving sutures under the skin.

VECTRA 3-D Imaging

Dr. Stevens’ method minimizes the possibility of “fallout” of the breast. The shape of the breast is maintained by creating The Stevens Laser Bra. This is achieved by using the laser to remove the epithelial layer of the skin that would have otherwise been discarded, forming a bra out of the patient’s own tissue. This bra is then attached to the chest wall where it holds and supports the breast. “I have done hundreds of these procedures and have followed them up to see the results,” says Dr. Stevens. “They have held up beautifully.” The Stevens Laser Bra cannot be seen or felt under the skin.

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