Linda's Breast Reduction

Linda has had large breasts as long as she can remember, having physically matured at only 9 years old. In a way, they’ve been a part of her identity. However, she just couldn’t accept the discomfort and pain that went along with filling out size DDD bras. Linda looked into Los Angeles breast reduction multiple times, but she didn’t feel comfortable with the surgeons she met, as well as the results she saw in their breast reduction “after” photos. Linda also wanted to maintain her nipple sensitivity, and the other surgeons told her it was unlikely.

Finally, a Surgeon Who Makes Sense

It wasn’t until her sister’s neighbor had breast enhancement surgery from Marina Plastic Surgery Associates that new hope sparked in Linda at age 58. She listened to the woman’s positive and rewarding experience, and then went onto the Internet to learn more about the practice. She learned about board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens and his innovative breast enhancement procedure, the Stevens Laser Bra. She gained hope that her large breasts could be reduced and reshaped without being made so small she’d lose her sense of self. Linda had finally found a surgeon who made sense.

Before she could talk herself out of it, Linda contacted Marina Plastic Surgery right away and was able to see Dr. Stevens the following week. When she went to her consultation, she heard enthusiastic praise about the Laser Bra from the office staff, as many of them had undergone the procedure themselves. “They instantly made me feel supported,” says Linda. “I expected a cosmetic surgery practice to only be concerned with making people more beautiful, but they truly cared about helping me feel better.”

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She showed Dr. Stevens the deep indentations in her shoulders caused by the weight of her bra straps for so many years. He explained that after Beverly Hills breast reduction at his Los Angeles area practice, the dents would gradually fill back in; something she hadn’t even hoped was possible. He said he could perform the reduction, while leaving her nipples attached to the nerves and preserve their sensitivity. The Laser Bra technique, which creates internal support for her breast tissue, would allow her to go down to a D cup and take 4 inches off her chest. Linda realized she could finally have the smaller, firmer, perkier breasts she had always dreamed of. She decided to move forward with the surgery.

After a smooth procedure, Linda went to Serenity after-care center for one night, where she was closely monitored by registered nurses and pampered with a luxurious adjustable bed, piles of pillows, a flat screen TV, and an on-staff chef. When she went home the next day, Linda followed the doctor’s advice and took her prescription pain medication at the recommended intervals. “They told me that there’s no reason to let yourself feel pain. It causes stress and interferes with healing.” Her recovery turned out to be very comfortable in terms of pain.

Linda’s Laser Bra Success

Just three months after her breast reduction in Los Angeles, Linda described her satisfaction with her results, “I would have never been able to have size D breasts without sagging if it weren’t for the Laser Bra. I’m sure it would be a matter of time before they sagged again. But now I’m comfortably wearing camisoles without a bra.” Linda returned to her workout schedule more comfortable and more confident. “Now I don’t have to wear 4 layers of clothing to go to an aerobics class. I’m not bouncing out of my clothing anymore.”

Linda’s advice to other women considering breast reduction surgery, “If the Laser Bra technique was available when I was in my 20s, I would have jumped on it. It would have been wonderful to live all those years without the strain on my neck, shoulders, and back.”

Are your concerns like Linda’s? To learn more about the Stevens Laser Bra, breast reduction or any of our cosmetic surgery procedures, request a consultation online with Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.