“Firm Support With A Laser”

Featured in Body Language Magazine

As breast surgery is so popular, it is not surprising that accompanying procedures have been developed to improve results or make them last longer. The whole point of the Stevens Laser Bra is to create a longer lasting and more permanent lift of the breast when performing a reduction, augmentation mastopexy, or standard breast lift.

In traditional breast-lift surgery, the skin envelope is reduced in size and tightened. This allows the nipple and areola complex to be lifted. Generally speaking, the skin reduction performed results in skin that is excised and discarded. Using the Stevens Laser Bra technique, a C02 laser softens the skin and fashions an internal bra. Treating the excised skin makes it soft and pliable, and internal scarring ensures the permanency of the brassier.

The Stevens Laser Bra is, basically, an internal bra that elevates the upper chest. The laser creates the bra which is attached to the chest wall with permanent sutures, along with small tabs. If a patient is undergoing a breast reduction, the Stevens Laser Bra will elevate the newly reduced breast. With an augmentation mastopexy, the bra supports the implant and the existing breast, thus avoiding the “ball and sock deformity”.

One of the greatest attributes of the Stevens Laser Bra is greater longevity and lift for cosmetic breast surgeries. What’s more, the Stevens Laser Bra is created from a patient’s own tissue.

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